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I hope you enjoy your $6. Asshole.

Some jackass punched the locks on Scot's truck sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday. What did they get away with?


There were some spare ones in coffee cash stashed in the center console (hidden from view, of course--I have no idea what encouraged them to go for this vehicle for it isn't flashy). Luckily, they took no interest in the stereo, and missed the $100 sunglasses stored overhead. And it's no surprise, but no one cared for his musical selections, either. ;-)

After new locks for the truck, it'll also get an alarm. Joy. So someone's $6 gain will cost us about $600.

That makes a lot of sense. Ah, but we'll stimulate the local economy! My car was not touched (despite having various things visible; noting of value, but more than $6 worth for sure. It does have a factory alarm, however).

I'm trying to be Zen, really. Maybe someone was driven to such depraved lengths because they have a beloved child to feed. Or a sick Grandmother who needs medicine. Maybe they needed that $6 more than I need the $600.

I cling to that because the likely truth is much more disheartening. Regardless, I believe in karma, and payback is a bitch.